Everyday Oils Kit

When you begin using Essential Oils, it’s very easy to start out with the Everyday Oils Kit.  This kit contains 9 oils.  They are meant to be used “every day”.  They are used for a variety of situations: physical, emotional and/or spiritual.  There are many ways to use the oils.  You can diffuse them into the air with a diffuser, you can drop them into your hand, cup your nose and inhale them directly, you can apply the directly to the skin, or you can ingest (most) of the oils.  If you are in doubt which oils are safe for ingestion, you can check Young Living’s website or the Essential Oils Desk Reference. I’m also going to list the Everyday Oils here with suggested uses.  I will only use Young Living Essential Oils as I believe they have the only oils that are unadulterated and genuine.  Every batch is tested for purity and efficacy.  If you want to purchase these oils at wholesale prices, please ask me how.  Or go to the website and use my ID in the spot for enroller/sponsor.  (1325155)

Everyday Oils

Feel free to experiment.  If you find the oil particularly appealing, your body is signaling you to use it liberally.  If you find it particularly unappealing, the same situation applies.  You will find that the oils smell differently according to your body’s needs at the time and also batch by batch.  Another great resource is the book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.  It lists the common emotional patterns and how to help resolve harmful ones and reinforce beneficial ones.

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Happy Oiling!!

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